28.05.2017 / Redmeer

Space Soldiers win GEFORCE CUP 2017

In the Grand Final of GEFORCE CUP 2017, two best teams faced off against each other trying to win the trophy. Turkish powerhouse Space Soldiers took upon Swedish Red Reserve, who have eliminated Polish favourites - Team Kinguin.

The first map of the match was Cobblestone, chosen by the Turks. From the beginning, they have proven that their decision was correct and the score reflected their prowess on the map. Space Soldiers completely destroyed their opponents, who were unable to bounce back from the heavy losses. After switching the sides, Swedes tried to refocus and come back to the game, but their efforts did not matter. The Turks quickly recovered after a swift change of momentum and finished the game in a convincing fashion.

Space Soldiers continued their streak on to the second map. After winning the pistol, they have been victorious in almost every following round. Red Reserve tried to calm down using a tactical timeout but their solution only worked for one round. After the pause, the Turks have not shown mercy and decimated their opponents on Mirage with a stunning scoreline of 16:1. Such an amazing performance couldn’t have led to anything else than crowning Space Soldiers as GEFORCE CUP 2017 champions.